Dendrite Tile Set Adhesive

Standard Grade


Polymer modified cementitious product
Tile adhesive is ideal for fixing tiles in bathroom, toilet, kitchen, swimming pool, shower base and other wet areas. Tile adhesive is used for fixing both ceramic tiles and mosaic tiles on vertical and horizontal surfaces.
Gray colour free flowing powder. 
Open Time
20 – 30 min.

Method of Application

Wall and floor surfaces must be fully cured, free from laitance, oil, grease, dust and dry. Abrade the surface with wire brush and remove all laitance and loose material. Remove dust from the back of the tiles and pre-wet the surface prior to application of tile adhesive.

Mix Tile adhesive powder to water in 1: 0.25 to 1: 0.27 ratio. Powder should be slowly added to water under stirring continuously to obtain a smooth paste. DO NOT ADD WATER TO POWDER. Allow the mixed material to stand for 10 minutes and stir again before application.

Spread the adhesive to the surface with a steel trowel in 3mm thickness for wall & 5mm thickness for floor. On uneven surface thicker application may be required. Now comb the surface with a serrated trowel. Apply tile to this surface, pushing firmly against the substrate, turning and twisting a little to ensure full contact. Fill up the joints with DENDRITE TILE GROUT. Clean the tile surface with a damp cloth to remove excess material before adhesive hardens. After mixing tile adhesive will have a working life of 30 minutes.


Seal the bag immediately after partial use. Store in a cool and dry place. It is moisture sensitive.

Pack Sizes

20 KG / 1 KG


  • Tile Tiles Joining

  • Tile Decoration

  • Tile Fixing

  • Tile Fitting