Toluene Free Adhesive


Synthetic Rubber
This adhesive is designed for footwear industry, widely used in the sole attachment for bonding leather, synthetic upper, banwar, microsole, neolite sole, Texon board etc.
This adhesive is free from Toluene, Benzene & Halogeneted Hydro carbon (Trichloroethylene, Dichloroethylene) etc. It is composed of primarily mixture of alicyclic & ketonic solvents.
1800 ± 100 cps at 30 ± 2ºC

Method of Application

Make sure that the surfaces to be bonded are clean, dry and free from grease/oil. Uniform coat of adhesive is to be applied on both the surfaces to be joined. Porous substrates like leather may require double coats for superior bonding. Allow 8 – 10 minutes for solvent evaporation. Place the coated surfaces one above the other while the adhesive remains sticky. Press the surfaces firmly together. Final strength is to be achieved after 24 hrs.


It is highly inflammable. Replace lid immediately after partial use. Store in a cool and dry place.

Pack Size

25 Lts.


  • Footwear Assembling

  • Footwear Manufacturing

  • Taxon Board Bonding

  • Upper To Sole (Rubber) Atachment