Epoxy / PolyAnde


  Resin Hardener
Base  Epoxy Polyamide
Apperance Translucent Yellowish brown liquid
Viscosity 17000±2000 cps at 30oC 20000±2000 cps at 30oC


Two component epoxy adhesive used for joining substrates like metal, stone, glass, ceramics, wood etc. where rigid joints are required.

Pretreatment of Surface

The surface to be bonded should be free from dirt, oil and grease. The metal surface should be sand blasted or abraded. Rubber can be dipped in concentrated sulphuric acid for 5 minutes followed by washing with water and subsequently complete drying.

Method of Application

Mix the two components i.e. epoxy resin and hardener in the ratio 1:1 (by volume) or 1:0.8 (by weight). The mixed adhesive can be applied on the surfaces by a spatula. After application of the adhesive the substrates to be bonded, are to be positioned and clamped. Final strenght will be achieved after 24 hrs.


Replace lid immediately after partial use. Store in a cool and dry place. Epoxy Resin mixed with Hardener has limited pot life. To avoid wastage, mix only the  amount required.

Pack Sizes

13, 36, 180 gm and 1.8 kg.


  • Toilet Attachments

  • Wood Bonding

  • Tiles Decoration

  • Tiles Fixing