PU Sprayable


Polyurethane Elastomer
An industrial spray able Polyurethane Adhesive for application in Auto Trims with proportionate Hardener, Yamadur H-20 / R-22.
Ketonic with aromatic solvents..
750 - 950 cps at 30º ± 5ºC.

Method of Application

Both the substrates, to be bonded, are to be made free from impurities including dust, oil, grease etc. and made dry. For complete evaporation, the synthetic surface is kept in the open atmosphere for minimum 15 minutes. A thin layer of adhesive is to be applied on both the surfaces to be bonded, Both surfaces are to be kept for solvent evaporation for 10 minutes. The two substrates are then bonded after heat activation under uniform pressure while hot. Final strength will be achieved after 24 hrs.


Highly inflammable. Replace lid immediately after partial use. Store in a cool and dry place. Adhesive mixed with cross linking agent has limited Pot life. To avoid wastage, mix only the amount required.

Pack Size

5 Ltr.

Special Instruction

Shake the container before use.


  • Automobile Industry

  • Automobile Fittings

  • Bus Interior

  • Car Decor