Two component system consisting of Dendrite Primer Powder PR-99 and Dendrite TPR Primer Solvent.
For priming TPR Soles in Footwear Industries.

Method of Application

2% (W/V) of primer powder PR -99 is dissolved in Dendrite TPR Primer Solvent in a glass or aluminum bottle. The clear solution obtained in this way, is recommended for use within 24 hours. TPR soles are first cleaned with solvent to remove dust and oil. The cleaned soles are then coated with the prepared primer solution. Soles then will have to be kept open in atmosphere for an optimum period of 45-60 minutes, before application of adhesive, to obtain best result. The treated soles and upper are then to be coated with adhesive mixed with proportionate hardener and to be bonded together after proper heat activation as normally being done in “stuck-on process".


Highly inflammable. Replace cap immediately after partial use. Store in a cool and dry place.

Pack Sizes

Solvent : 1 Ltr., Powder : 20 gm.

  • Priming Before Bonding

  • Priming Before Bonding

  • Priming For Better Adhesion

  • Priming Before Sole Attachment